Bring Story to Life at Your Local Theater

It may seem old-fashioned to those who get all their entertainment from television and the movies, but there are few experiences more powerful and more immersive than going to a play at a local theater. Professional theater productions provide extravagant shows that are unlike anything you can see anywhere else, while smaller community theater productions are intimate enough to draw an audience into a story like most movies and TV shows cannot. You could even see a show at a local live theater that is good enough and elaborate enough to rival what you might find on Broadway, all for a price that is usually lower than what you might pay for a movie ticket. 

Bringing Stories to Life

The biggest benefit of seeing a show at a local live theater is in the way it brings a story to life. While movies and TV are capable of telling great stories, they don't draw audiences in as well as a live performance can. When an actor performs in a movie or TV show, they are performing in front of a camera, often on a set with only the rest of the cast and crew on hand. What you see in the finished product is as much the result of editing and special effects as the performance itself. On the other hand, an actor who performs on stage in a live theatrical production has the chance to interact with the audience and play off their reaction. Actors still need to follow a script, but a live performance is organic in a way that a movie is not. This is why a good play at a local theater has so much infectious energy to it. 

Getting Involved with Your Local Theater

No matter where you live, you probably have at least a few local live theater groups near you. And a few rare theaters actually offer professional theater productions right in your own back yard. They also provide plenty of opportunities for people within the community to get involved as a volunteer. If you're not an actor but you still want to get involved in community theater, there are still plenty of options for you. Theaters always need stagehands, directors, musicians and others to help run things behind the scenes. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it's a great way to give back to your community.

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